My verdict of a game after an hour playing.


I will be writing a series of ‘An Hour In’ reviews. These will be reviews after an hour playing a certain game. The reviews may be brief, but a full review will come after I played the game more. This way you can see a comparison between how a game may seem within the first hour, to how it is once you get into it a bit more.


To begin this series: Star Ocean – The last Hope.

The tutorial will not be counted in the ‘One Hour’, since that probably took me and hour to complete.


This game is very hard to get an accurate description on how I think the game will be early on, so far most of the time has been spent watching cut scenes. I am very impressed with the cut scenes, even though the characters faces are a little freaky i believe the animation, voice acting and story makes up for it.

I do not like anime, well, I have never really watched it. This game has a slight anime style, but that is to be expected if you are picking up a JRPG. Since i loved Phantasy Star Universe I knew I would love this game. So far I do and cannot wait to progress.

The combat is a nice change from the normal RPG turn based random encounter fights. In Star Ocean you see the enemies, you can choose to run away from them. Once you are in a battle it’s a small open battlefield, you can run around and attack and swap between the characters in your party.

The story is really immersing me, Earth is not in very good shape so you and your crew are searching other planets for a good place to rebuild civilization. So far it doesn’t sound action packed – but I know it will be.


Will I continue playing?

Most definitely, this game will take me a long time to complete, but I can tell I will put many, many hours into it. I managed to pick this up for £5, I feel like i’m taking advantage of game stores when a game as good as this is so cheap.


Comment below on your thoughts of the game.



Dan has been brought up playing PC games, with gems such as Monkey Island and Little Big Adventure. Briefly turning to the Xbox 360 for a couple of years, he has since seen sense and is back where he belongs.