That’s right Irrational Games Co – Founder and Creative Director Ken Levine announced earlier today that BioShock Infinite has gone gold! It is fantastic to see a game achieve that feat and I am not only happy for them, but also happy for the hundreds of thousands of BioShock Fans(myself included) because this means that no matter what, come 26th  of March, 2013, we will be able to walk into a store nearby and pick up a copy of newest addition in the BioShock franchise.

It went gold? What’s the big deal?

What’s the big deal?! I’ll tell you whats the big deal. Going gold means that Sony, Microsoft along with “PC Gods”  have approved on the game and it has sent for manufacturing! Just think, somewhere right now there might be a factory worker complaining about weekends he will have to work just so we can get our hands on that beautiful game. Just thinking about it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The game is the product of five years of gruelling work and I am sure we will all be over the moon when we get to play it next month!

Even during times when they could show off, Ken Levine has stayed humble thanking the fans for their patience, following is a quote from his blog:

“You, the fans, have been incredibly patient with us. You shared your hopes and wishes for the game with us, and you kept the faith.”

And he goes on to say,

“Nobody has ever built a game quite like this. It’s a shooter, but a shooter that brings you to very uncomfortable and dangerous places. I can’t demand that you play the game; I can promise you, however, that once you have, it will be an experience you won’t soon forget.”

Well I can hardly wait! What about you? Are you happy that BioShock: Infinite went gold? Tell us in the comments!