Missed The Conference? We got you covered!

Imagination is the one weapon, in the war against reality – Jules de Gaultier

PlayStation4 was officially announced by Sony, it was a fantastic moment for gaming! And we got the whole scoop!

Going to do this article in a way so that you have the choice between reading the whole thing or just scroll down to see the highlights!

The evening started off with a walk through memory lane by showcasing the eventful moments in the lives of previous gaming consoles by Sony which included PSOne, PS2, PSP, PS3 and PS Vita. Yes I mentioned PS3 as a previous console because come holidays 2013.

Andrew House, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, started things off with a very pleasant chat about how the “stakes are high” for Sony and the gaming world in general. He promised to show a world where the PSVita managed to secure a prominent place in your living room, where you and a “Glimpse into the future of play”.

After officially announcing the PlayStation4 along with its new logo he handed things over to Mark Cerny, who then went on to talk about the fundamental points PS4 will be focusing on.

The new logo, sexy ain’t it?

Sony has stressed at how much the game developers had a say in PS4’s development, a feat that many developers were grateful for as every single one thanked the company for the opportunity to mould the next generation of Play.

Mark took the stage and immediately captured the audience by showing off the new controller, the DualShock 4, a nifty little thing which will unlock a world of possibilities, from your friend at the other end of the world, taking control of it and helping you through a tough level, the much awaited share button that lets you upload videos directly to a cloud service, social network integration and much much more!


The controller is similar to the one that was seen in sites across the web as rumour spread like wildfire days before the Conference.


The controller sports a light “tab” which lets players know which one is which by changing colour according to player number. It also communicate with a camera(another peripheral) will be able to gauge in 3D the movement of the controller(much like PlayStation Move)

We got the first glimpse of the PS4 graphic engine when they ran a demo of the Unreal4 technology, and it looked fantastic!

He then went on to unveil his own game, Knack, a charming addition to the PS4’s library which ends up looking damn good by the end of the night.


Mark Cerny hinted on the ability to multi task on your PS4 and assured everyone that it would be a seamless and effortless transition. He also gave the world the first glimpse into the new GUI of the PS4.


Familiar styling with a wealth of new features, a very social element which had been missing from the PS3 left everyone’s jaw on the floor. But the night was just starting.

Cerny went on to describe how your console would transform according to your likes and dislikes, giving you tips on which games to buy based on your playing history and not to mention the fact that how now on, your friend will be able to spectate in your games, jump in and help you and even communicate with you even if you are both playing entirely different games.

David Perry from Gaikai stopped by to talk about how cloud would revolutionize gaming. He described scenarios where you can start playing the game, even when its downloading. PS4 would download an initial data pack of the game and let you start while the rest is being downloaded, think of it as YouTube for games, buffer as you go.

David Perry talking about GaiKai’s involvement in PlayStation 4.

Adding to the awesomeness of the share button was the fact that you could do LIVE broadcasts of your gameplay, you could schedule gamecasts(trust me at the end of 2013, that’s going to be a word) and the PS4 would automatically start broadcasting your gameplay when the time is right. It’s like an oven timer, connected to a video camera, hooked up to youtube, facing your TV. Its awesome. And better yet, it will be ustream enabled providing for HD streaming 24×7.

Then came the biggest bombshell yet, David Perry announced that GaiKai are hard at work at bringing PS4 games you have on your PS4 console to your PS Vita, owning a Vita will finally pay off. According to him, if you are in the middle of a battle or a race, and your family wants to watch some good old fashioned TV, instead of yelling and getting booted from your home, you could just take the Vita, enable remote play and continue where you left off on the PS4. This is done by a streaming mechanism that makes Vita only a controller with the screen while your PS4 still does the heavy lifting.

They also announced that GaiKai’s involvement in PlayStation store means that you see a game on the store, you can try, not just available demos but every game will have a try, share and if you love it, buy!

He proceeded to explain how the main vision of PS4 was to achieve “Everything Everywhere”

Then came the first of the treats, Guerilla games’ Micheal Denny stepped up and described the world of possibilities that the PS4 has given developers and then went on to announce Killzone: Shadow Fall


The game looked absolutely stunning and honestly I wasn’t able to tell the difference between cutscenes and gameplay, don’t trust me? Take a look for yourself.

This is the actual gameplay, cross my heart!

Then another beautiful game entered the ring, this time it was MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios revealing their dream project in the form of Drive Club, a new team based racing simulation game, and when they say simulation they aren’t kidding.


It is a first person racer, from getting into the car, to checking your trunk to looking at the fans, you’re in control!


The graphics was undeniable gorgeous and the sounds were spectacular. If you are looking for the next best thing to owning a Koenigsegg Agera R, then look no further, Drive Club is here.


Then came the highlight of the night for me personally, Sucker Punch took centre stage with a very moving introduction by Nate Fox. It was beyond famous, it was Infamous!


Infamous: Second Son to be exact. And boy did it look good! He started things off by saying how security comes at the cost of freedom, and what would the world do if they could not detect a threat through the scanning machines and security checks, it was an intro worthy of a game itself! And I was left mesmerized, hoping that he would say “We give you Infamous!” But he didn’t, he let the trailer do the talking.

“You’re not in control”

Next up was an Indie games developer, Jonathan Blow, The Witness.

A beautiful open world game filled with puzzles, and a journey through a wonderful island.

The game is centered around one main human experience, one of an epiphany. An experience where all confusion is instantaneously shattered by a true realization.


You roam the land solving puzzle after puzzle but an experience which Jonathan Blow ensured would not only be rewarding, but will keep you engaged.

A puzzle from the game The Witness

Now you might be under the impression that all they did in the PlayStation Conference was reveal games, you would be wrong, because they showed the extent to which the PS4 can influence graphics and emotions of players and the characters alike. Showing off CGI like graphics was Quantic Dreams.

We are now only limited by our imagination – Quantic Dreams

Media Molecule entered the fray with their demonstration of PlayStation Move, a truly heart-warming experience in which they showed how Media Molecule used PlayStation Move to sculpt beautiful sculptures. And recreate your dreams, followed up by an amazing concert all done by PlayStation Move.


Andrew House center stage yet again, to show the overwhelming support of major gaming studios across the world showed in one single image.

A lot of gaming greats in there

Capcom did a bi-lingual presentation(in English and Japanese) about a new project they have undertaken, Deep Down(working title)


The trailer showed a group of people hunting a dragon like beast in a cave, with unsurpassed clarity and absolutely wonderful visual effects.


Then came one of my favourite game houses, Square Enix(Japan). They chose not to show a game demo, but show a cinematic that showed off PS4’s capability.

And finished up by saying how they plan on making every game look as good as the cinematic, if not better.

But the surprises kept coming as Square Enix(Japan) announced that Final Fantasy will be getting a brand new title made for the PS4. You could honestly hear gasps of excitement, talk about stealing the show.

Gaming giant Ubisoft made sure the people got what they came for as they showed off another trailer of their upcoming game, announced for the PS4, Watch Dogs.


A game where everything and everyone is connected in the modern world, what if you had the access to this, what would you do?


Chris Metzen of Blizzard Entertainment wasn’t someone I expected to see on the stage, Blizzard isn’t popular for their involvement in console gaming, but all that is about to change.


Any guesses on which game is going to be coming to, not only PS4, but also PS3?


That’s right, Diablo III will come to the consoles to PS3 and PS4!

The team from Bungie came in with a bang by announcing how Bungie for the first time ever, will be joining the PlayStation Nation.


They also announced a PlayStation exclusive DLC. Now that is something I definitely didn’t expect!

Bungie definitely enjoyed showing off their level of detail.
The effects blew my mind.

That was all for the PlayStation Conference 2013, and my excitement cannot be contained! It was a brilliant show, kudos to Sony for not only taking a leap of faith with their advertising campaign(attacking Microsoft slightly even) and boy did they pull it off! You can just see the big wigs in Microsoft calling a Defcon 1 meeting right now.



PlayStation 4 Fact Sheet:

CPU: x86

Graphic Processor: Highly Enhanced PC GPU

System Memory: 8GB unified High Speed Memory

HDD: Local (size not mentioned)

Game Reveals:

Knack(PS4 Exclusive)

Killzone – Shadow Fall

Drive Club

inFamous – Second Son

The Witness

The Witness

Deep Down(working title)

Final Fantasy

Watch Dogs

Diablo III