It’s an arms race, and Microsoft is on the defensive.

A couple of days have passed since Sony came out with the Russian roulette they called the PlayStation Conference 2013, and boy did it pay off, people are already writing off XBOX, and they haven’t even seen what its capable off, no one has(except for Microsoft guys, DUH!)

I don’t own an XBOX, I’ve never been a fan of XBOX, I just never got into it, but that being said, I have nothing but respect for the console, sure it may be a bit behind, but the fact is that it still sells, that can’t be for nothing. And this got me thinking, what could Microsoft do to get ahead of Sony, and I am not talking about the obvious stuff like better graphics or memory.


1) Show the Console:

It’s pretty simple, when you reveal a console you SHOW it! At the very least show a prototype, not only is it good business sense, it’s also good common sense, one which Sony quite ignorantly overlooked.


2) Reveal the price:

Another mistake from Sony, well done! What does a person (a normal person) do when they go to the store? They look at the price, and considering how people save up for gaming consoles, it might be a good idea to let them know how many organs they need to sell.


3) Don’t rely too much on cloud: Sure cloud is the future, but considering Microsoft needs to release it this year, give the guy who has trouble with his connection a chance to enjoy the games as well. I’ve heard rumours that internet is going to be a requirement for XBOX 720, and for their sake, I hope it’s not true.


4) Start a Used Game Shop on XBL: I’ve heard many rumours that used games won’t work with the new XBOX, this would definitely be the dumbest thing they could do. I would embrace the used games section. Want to know how I’d do it? Read on.

 It’s a simple idea, won’t take much effort to implement and will be quite easy to manage, not only that, it will drive customers to your console.

You let your users create eBay type listings, and let other buyers buy games from such sellers, you take a cut. And put a ground rule that only games that are digital copies and ones that are 6 months or a year old (pick one) will be allowed on there. You not only gain profit from used games (something Sony won’t be able to do), you will also be able to provide a huge market for gamers buyers and sellers alike, you increase the games life span and you keep earning more and more as it switches hands, imagine how much a single copy can earn you if you were charging $5 per transaction and if it went through 5 people, that’s $25 for doing nothing, and since they are digital copies, no issues of damaged games and since they will be old, no problems with retailers or developers, they get their profit, you get yours, everyone is happy!



What do you guys think? Are these suggestions any good? Tell us in the comments!