Will keep you entertained for hours.

This is a game by Valve, on that piece of detail alone you can tell this game will be brilliant – ALL Valve’s games are! I have had this game since it came out, and I still have great fun on it now – a few years later.


The main problem with Left 4 Dead is that it does not have a story, well, not much of one. The game involves a zombie Apocalypse and 4 characters trying to get  rescued.  Left 4 Dead is split up unto 4 acts, each act will have a different ‘atmosphere’ of where it is located. Each act will have 4 chapters. In each chapter you need to get to the safe room, and at the start of the next chapter you are in the previous safe room and you need to try to get to the next. At the end of each act, you will need to hold out against the hordes while you wait for the ‘rescue’ – which always seems to go wrong. Pretty basic story line.


The game play is where all Valve games shine – despite the story line being simple – and the game being very quick to rush through  – the game play will keep you begging for more.

Zombies are always a fun enemy to battle against, especially when there are hordes of them against you, and even more so when there are ‘special infected’. There are 5 different types of special infected, but only 4 are playable in multiplayer;

Hunter – This creature is a hooded man. it crawls on all fours and is ready to pounce on you at any second. Once it has pounced on you, it will begin scratching you, you better hope that a team-mate is around to get it off – otherwise you’re screwed.

Smoker – Can be heard from its coughing and spluttering. This creature will shoot it’s insanely long tongue out at you, it will wrap around you and pull you away from your allies. Once it pulls you closer, it will begin tearing you apart.

Boomer – A big – fat mess. Very easy to kill, but deadly. This one will throw up bile on you, this will blind you and attract a horde. If you get hit by the boomer, bet hide in  a corner and shoot everything.

Tank – A giant muscle machine. A ‘boss’ to the level, this will take your entire team to take it down. The tank can knock you flying and also throw rubble and cars at you. Be-warned  on expert these are very deadly.

Witch – you will find the witch sitting somewhere crying. You will hear her sobs before you see her. Get to close to her, or shine your light at her and she will kill you  -and she is very deadly. Best sneak around her, or sneak up on her with a shotgun.

The enemies in this game are a great fun to play against. When playing on the hardest difficulty, you really need to work with your team mates to counter-act the enemies – play to your strengths and to their weaknesses.


Left 4 dead has a few difficulty modes, ranging from easy to Expert. Easy is easy, and well, expert – is for experts. Expert difficulty will result in only a few hits incapacitating you – so be careful to not do any friendly fire.

The difficulty on this game is what will keep me coming back for more. To this day I stil haven’t completed this game on expert – I got quite far, but no dice.


Probably one of the greatest things about this game is the ‘Directors AI’, this means that each level will be different. If you are doing well, it will get harder. If you are doing badly, it might get slightly easier. Guns and items are randomly generated, so they might not be in the same place. Tanks may also appear in different places, so you never know when to expect them.

Without the directors AI, this game would get boring – you would know where everything is and there would be no challenge. Luckily, this is not the case.


Another great way to add replayability. This is eaxctly like a normal game of left 4 dead. you and 3 other friends as survivors, but you can also bring in 4 more people and they can be the infected. This is great fun, and you will be laughing in hysterics if playing this with a group of friends.


A must buy, this can be picked up for cheap – but I would still recommend it at full price. I never regret buying this game. Although I do not play it all the time, I know I will always enjoy it if I pick it up every now and again for a play. It is a great game to get a group of friends to play and just have a laugh – I guarantee you, you will have a great time.

Dan has been brought up playing PC games, with gems such as Monkey Island and Little Big Adventure. Briefly turning to the Xbox 360 for a couple of years, he has since seen sense and is back where he belongs.