M.C. Escher would be proud.

What is The Bridge?

The Bridge has a unique gameplay premise. Instead of playing as the avatar, you also manipulate the world’s physics around you. This game is simple yet mind-boggling at times; the recipe of a puzzle game.


The visuals are unique; everything you see in The Bridge looks hand-drawn. It’s like playing in a sketchbook that comes alive. Creativity in the graphical aspect is why I love indie games.


It starts off in an interesting way; the simple-yet effective tutorial of gravity and physics just by shaking the apple tree to wake up your player the Isaac Newton way. And it’s off to puzzle-solving.

Most levels start out easy, and they slowly progress to Inception-like difficulty due to the nature of the game’s progression. The Bridge is a mix of manipulating gravity in a very precise way, and at the same time figure how the level is laid out. They take place on so-called “impossible objects”, where an entire geometry is linked together from different angles. You spend your time turning, and turning the shape, while figuring out how to get to the door, taking into account the game’s gravity, and the objects you are required to take into consideration in the level.

This screenshot is ripe for a funny yet tasteless joke.

If you’re not a fan of puzzle games, you may be put off at some point. But get back to it later or seek help on YouTube, and you will find the satisfaction of solving a level. To avoid numerous repeats of frustration, there is the Time Rewind button to reverse your steps should you make a mistake. This game would benefit more on accessibility to the frustrated by providing hints to the player at some points and advertise the game’s very detailed physics, which requires rocking back and forth the momentum and speed to manipulate objects.
The Bridge is a great game that would benefit the developers more if the price is lowered than the advertised $14.99 price tag on Steam & the official website, which I feel is slightly steep for a game that consists entirely of puzzle-solving and also to draw in gamers that cringe at puzzle games.

The Door Out

In conclusion, I’m simply astonished by the amount of work put in by 2 men. You have to commend the developers in creating a very unique puzzle game that stands out with its physics and intricate artwork. The Bridge is a worthwhile experience that you should try for its unique gameplay alone.