What would you do if you are jailed underneath a world engulfed in snow? Do you escape? Or do you stay?

 Welcome to the world of Richard & Alice.



Indie games have truly seen an upsurge of late, with great titles propping up all over the place. Richard & Alice joins an array of true indie games as it shows survival, emotions and engaging conversations to take the player through the life of Richard and Alice.

The world is engulfed in snow, there is no end. The snow keeps on falling and people keep changing. Desperation has crept in and people gladly kill each other for food, shelter and clothing. You start off playing Richard, a convicted deserter who is put behind an underground prison. All you have is a couch, a TV, a Bed, a computer and a bathroom.

The story however begins when you hear a noise from your opposite cell, it’s been empty ever since Richard has moved into his cell, but today there seems to be someone there, you shout out, “Hello is anyone there?” and the story of a lifetime begins.

If I say anything more, it would ruin the story and spoil the game, and that is an unforgivable mistake!


The game is an old school point and click indie game, you interact with objects by clicking on them, you move around using the famous point and click method and you solve puzzles throughout the game. It’s basically a game filled with hundreds of little puzzles, comic and emotional moments.

The game has multiple endings, each that provide a sense of closure to the player. It also provides a lot of fun as you enjoy another playthrough.

Visuals could be a bit better but the story makes up for it, with a gripping tale of getting closure.



There are no cutscenes per say, just conversations and automated movements. But the dialogue is written brilliantly engrossing the player in the whole experience.  The dialogue ends up feeling like a real conversation and that is no small feat.



The puzzles do get quite annoying from time to time, but ultimately the game isn’t one which you play  for a challenge, consider it an interactive novel that changes the story as you flip through the pages.

It’s hard to walk away from this game.


The version I tested was for the PC, it was a buy that was completely worth the money(only $6) and the game, although a bit short in length has a story capable of being a great book!


There seems to be a lot of indie games that keep surprising the player with its story, but it has been a while since a game put you in a cell, and made you listen to other people’s stories, the game is not about killing zombies or soldiers. It’s about survival, being a friend, and getting out of a prison. But the question is, do you want to be outside? In a world covered with snow and filled with desperate men and women, the choice is not an easy one.

Official Game Site: http://denbyraze.com/richard-and-alice/

Twitter: @DualShockGam3r