Retro themed dogfighting game Luftrausers (phew! spelled it right) is going to be coming out on the PS3, PS Vita, PC, Mac and Linux.

One half of the two man studio behind the game, Vlambeer, used the Playstation EU blog to confirm the news earlier today. They stress that the reason they decided to bring it out on the PS3 as well as the Vita was the effortless working environment within sony.

Think of it this way: we’re a two-man studio that is investing a lot of time into making a game about shooting airplanes that is fun, explosive and makes you feel like the best pilot in the world. We want to be spending time on that, not on having nitpicky negotiations about ‘does the game fulfill random checklist item three’. – Rami Ismail

Can’t really argue with that.

The game will feature about 125 airplane combinations as well as missions and a global leaderboard. One thing I hope they do is couch co-op. A game like this with a couch co-op mode would be awesome, although I might end up trying to kill my brother more than the enemies, but hey all’s well that ends well right? right? right!

Lock on and hold on to your knickers! Coming Spring 2013

I am looking forward to this one, as it seems like its going to be a throwback into a bygone era of retro gaming and proper dogfighting.

We’ve got the trailer right here! What do you think? Are there too many retro games going about or are you happy that you get some dogfighting, missile launching and dodging fun coming your way? Let us know!

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