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Receiver Review

Receiver Review

Seasoned veteran in shooting virtual guns? Try this.

For a 7-day FPS challenge, Wolfire has created a gun-simulator that will make you fumble over your firearm, make you reload every bullet yourself and insert the magazine. It’s the QWOP of FPS games. Receiver is a manly slap on the face of the gamers who are so familiar with modern FPS games that requires no thinking or consideration, except to reload or pull the trigger. Respect your gun.

In Receiver, you make your way through randomly generated levels, filled with futuristic flying, tazing cameras and sentry guns. You have to make your way past them, or disable them by shooting. The objective here is to collect the tapes scattered around and finding what the hell is going on. But honestly, the main draw of this game is the guns themselves, which you can manipulate the slide, chamber, the safety catch and the hammer in some. I fumbled almost every single time just trying to eject my magazine and fill it with rounds.

Sometimes I die, realizing that there’s no bullet in the chamber, the sound of an empty click while I pulled the trigger at a sentry. Thankfully, there’s a help button that will show you the hotkeys, and you pretty much find out what to do next.


It actually empties the chamber the correct way, via the ejector rod. And not all the casings fall out the first time. This is accurate as I have fired a revolver before.

It actually empties the chamber the correct way, via the ejector rod. And not all the bullets fall out the first time. This is accurate as I have fired a revolver before.

This is screaming for future updates where you can dissect the entire gun, down to the springs and rods themselves. I really hope they can somehow accomplish that. It’s currently Greenlit on Steam, and it’s going to be much easier in delivering future content.

The levels have some clipping issues, and the narration is a little monotonous and cheesy. But I forgive all of that, since they aren’t the main point of the game and with 7 days to create a game, this is a pretty interesting concept. Exploring the gun is the main focal point of this game, you count every single bullet you have and fill a magazine manually. This is as close to firing a gun in real life. You have a Glock 17, 1911A1 and an S&W Model 10 Revolver with a tactical flashlight in the game currently at time of this review.

Receiver is looking very promising if it’s continued to be worked on, and it’s going to be pretty exciting with what they can come up with. For $5 you can get it on http://www.wolfire.com/receiver.


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  1. GVindyB March 21, 2013 at 4:06 am - Reply

    Great Review! will definitely give this a go, reloading is finally fun! :D

    • Jonathan Knows March 21, 2013 at 4:47 am - Reply

      And you learn to chamber a round before actually firing a gun! I learnt it the hard way.

  2. Dan Etheridge March 21, 2013 at 9:35 am - Reply

    this type of game seems very popular. ‘QWOP’ style games, the surgeon one and now this. They seem very interesting, and for a 7 day challenge it looks brilliant.

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