Fan’s of the uber cool production house Blizzard had been waiting for the announcement at PAX East for what now feels like eternity. So without further ado, here’s the announcement!



Blizzard announced that they wanted to do something a bit different. They created a team of 15 developers who were given the authority to experiment and they came up with Hearth Stone: Heroes of Warcraft which is a free to play collectible card strategy game.

Do you have the heart of a warrior?
Do you have the heart of a warrior?

It is free to play but you can also buy the cards for $1 dollar(estimate) a pack. The interface and sounds are pretty quirky, you are also allowed to taunt in multiplayer matches, who doesnt want to shout “I will destroy you!” in an orcs voice. The trick for blizzard will be to make it free2play and not pay2win. Not an easy thing to do.

It also includes things like creating your own cards, by using arcane methods, awesome!

It will be released on the PC, Mac and soon afterwards for the iPad. The game comes out this year, the beta comes out this summer!

Is it exciting? Personally i was expecting something a bit bigger. But the fact is its free to play, you can’t complain now can you?

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