Zombie Estate is a very pixely zombie survival indie game. It’s quite fun and has great replayability, thanks to its many enemy types, playable characters, and usable guns. I downloaded this game thinking it was going to be the average mediocre indie game that you spend twenty minutes playing then forget about it and let it rot in your hard drive. This is not the case, as I’ve put more time into this game than I did titles such as Homefront. However, remember that this is a game that costs a dollar and I will review it as such.

When you start the first wave, zombies will begin rising from the ground, following you wherever you are. Using the right stick to aim, left stick to move, and LT or RT (you can use both) to shoot, you must destroy the first wave of zombies. Your starting gun, the pistol, has unlimited ammo which is great. In-between waves players can go to the shop located in the middle of the house and purchase several items. These range from guns to mines to ammo and explosives. Then you’ll have to put whatever gun(s) you’ve purchased into your D-pad “hotbar,” which can be a hassle. You choose the gun you want to use by pressing the direction on the D-pad you assigned the weapon to. Ammo needs to be conserved, especially in the later rounds.

Zombie Estate has a relatively wide variety of enemy types. For the first few rounds, players will comfortably be able to demolish zombie hordes with their pistols. Soon, though, skeletons will attack. They’re not only harder to kill, but deal double the damage of regular zombies. Even later, things I can only describe as giant gingerbread man/Chewbacca hybrids attack. They might look silly, but anything that can take 75 rounds from my minigun and still stand deserves some respect. After that come undead in hazmat suits; they explode when you shoot them but are immune to the bio-rifle’s toxic sludge. Overall the game has good enemy variety which provides more entertainment and boosts replayability.

Although there are thirty characters to choose from, the differences are all purely cosmetic, with no difference in damage dealt, taken, etc. Some are weird (there’s a smiley face and a duck) but they’re all fun to play as. My personal favorite is James Bawnd.

Multiplayer is limited to local. You can play with up to three other friends but more than two people playing at the same time can get hectic: if your friends walk away from you, it’ll be hard for you both to navigate because you can’t see yourself on your screen. The difficulty seems to be about the same no matter how many friends you’re playing with because the number of zombies per round is changed based on how many players there are.

The game might seem endless but you can actually beat it. After round 25 the game is over. The game took my about two hours to beat during my first solo playthrough and roughly 3 while playing with a friend of similar skill, so make sure you’ve got time to finish it because there are no saves.

Overall, Zombie Estate is definitely worth a dollar and I’d easily pay more for it. If it seems fun to you, go ahead and try it: you’ll probably enjoy it. And if you don’t, it was only 80 MSP.