If you plan on investing in only one kickstarter for the whole year, then Fathom by Ironsun Studios is where you want to be.

Fathom is a simple and beautiful steampunk creation that makes the player delve into the deep seas looking for answers to the questions that plague them. Discover the truth about Atlantis. Is it a myth or is it something worth hiding?

The first thing that came to mind when I played Fathom was the scene in the classic movie, The Titanic, where that little submarine thing goes underwater and discovers the remains of the ship. It is that same sense of amazement you feel when you play the game for the first time. As you hear nothing other than the sounds of your Bathysphere, the invention of Nathanial Lockhart, the protagonist.

Nathanial Lockhart is a man plagued by his past, his memories of the shipwreck still haunts his dreams. He is after one thing and one thing alone. The Truth! Being a victorian adventurer he spends his time and other resources creating a machine that will aid in his search: The Bathysphere.

What makes the experience so engaging is the background music and sound. They have a small snippet of the background score here, its well worth a listen.

Nathanial Lockhart and his Bathysphere

When I played the initial levels of the game, it really confused me, not because of its puzzles or gameplay, both of which are a blast, but because of the fact that they are able to bring complexity and simplicity together in such a amazing manner.

As I write this they have only 7 days left to reach their objective of 120,000 pounds. They deserve a chance to show us this beautiful world of underwater exploration and adventure. If you’d like to support this amazing game head over to their kickstarter page and pledge your support: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1302752729/fathom-2

You can also follow them on: @IronsunStudios

It was a pleasure to play this game, and I hope everyone gets a chance to experience this amazing world, and aid Nathanial Lockhart in his quest for truth.

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