Door Kickers plays out like a game of SWAT, combined with a top-down interface with gameplay similar to Frozen Synapse’s real-time, turn based execution. The alpha build gives a very clear indicator of the simplicity of it: Analyze the map (it’s randomized too), figure your plan of action and play it out. It’s a dream concept for gamers, as you experience the swift and deadly actions of a Rainbow Six-style takedown or hostage rescue situation. Ideally, you want the mission to be accomplished with your team-mates alive, unfortunately my horrible weakness in managing multiple teams in one-go usually results in casualties.


Visit their website, preorder is available now for early access and a huge and creative list of tiers for giving them your money to fund towards development.

It’s currently in alpha, but the potential of this game gets my adrenaline juices flowing.


Vote for a Steam release of the game via Greenlight:



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