One of this year’s most anticipated title is Watch Dogs by Ubisoft. A game that is hell bent on changing how we play. The trailers we have seen have been nothing short of magnificent. The multiplayer aspect have not been explained too much other than how players across the globe will be able to influence your gameplay.


MindJack was a title that came out in Q1 of 2011, the gameplay was unispiring, the voice acting was down right abysmal and it never really caught the attention of the main stream media, and in the rare occassion when it did have our attention, it was just to warn everyone to NOT get the game.

The gameplay was copied from Gears of War, well as far as the movement is concerned, but the similarity ended there. Most of the time while in cover you’d be forced to shoot at the cover than around it. It was a frustrating game. But it did have a good part, and the good part was nothing short of brilliant.

MindJack centered around the player being able to “hack” into the minds of enemy soldiers, enabling the player to control them and use them to kill other soldiers. But the game never really utilized it, there was no stealth involved where having a disguise would help, it was at best, mindless fun.

For the following part I will be using ‘main player’ to denote the player who is in front of the console, playing through his singleplayer campaign and ‘online player’ as the player who is sitting halfway across the globe and joining in for some multiplayer fun.

The multiplayer however was a brilliant innovation. It allowed other players to hack into the soldier in the same manner, but how they used him was upto the online player. They could assist the main player’s single player campaign by clearing the enemy or they could help the enemy by trying to get rid of the main player.

Watch Dogs could definitely learn from this, in a world where a phone can bring traffic to a stand still or stop the trains, imagine how much a 3rd variable like an online player could change the gaming experience. The online player could help the main player by stopping the pursuers by creating havoc on the roads, or maybe they could make the life of the main player very difficult by making roadblocks ahead of the player, bringing up the stopping things we saw in the trailer, or just stop the train that the main player is riding in.

If Watch Dogs manages to implement this in the game, then I just hope, for every “main player’s” sake, that they allow an option to disable it. Always online isn’t something that’s too popular nowadays, and I honestly don’t see it changing anytime soon.

What do you think? Should we have an always online watchdogs game? or should we be able to enjoy some good old fashioned single player fun?

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