Reversion: The Meeting, is the 2nd chapter on an episodic point and click adventure game by 3F Interactive. It is part of an Indiebundle at a great price of  $7 (or $5 if you want the 3 game bundle, which is one less game). I’ve always liked point and click games so it was fun to play around with this one. The basic premise of the game is that you’ve lost your memory, in a place that has been damned by conflict, who can you trust?


The story is the crux of the game, the one part that makes you play the game more and more. At first you feel equally lost as the protagonist. You have no idea whats going on, but as the story progresses you start putting some pieces together and you start to see the whole picture. You’re searching for someone, all you have is a picture. You don’t know who to ask questions to, you can’t trust anyone, but you have to believe them. A very tricky tale that keeps you wanting for more. The year is 2035 and the place is Buenos Aires, ravaged by a rebellion, you can only rely on yourself to uncover the truth.


Point and click as you go through locations, that include graveyards, labs, subway tunnels, etc. Rely on your wits as you find, use and combine items to your advantage. Using the mouse you could explore the places, find hidden clues and interact with other characters, every item gives you an option to examine or take it, every person gives you an option to talk to them or examine them. These examinations give you a lot of clues regarding getting past some guards or getting some new answers. There’s no funnier sight than watching a guy reach into his pocket and take out a shovel, it made me chuckle everytime! Although that may say more about me than the game, moving on!


The game is full of puzzles, no point and click adventure would be complete without them. Some of them were a bit hard for me, I’m not the best puzzle solver around so it may be easier for others. But the good thing is, you can always click on hints. The hints are pretty clear cut and help you breeze through the puzzles if you, like me, care a bit more about the story than the challenging puzzles.


The artwork is cartoon like and while the story would be better with a bit more dark themed visual, i can’t fault the guys behind the game for taking this route. The bright colours are refreshing and while it may not be the most graphically exquisite game around, it does it job in presenting different locations, each with their own character.



The soundtrack did let me down quite a bit, but the biggest flaw with the game has to be its voice acting, it felt robotic, as if a computer program had been given the script and it blurted out the lines. Except for one or two characters, all the others had terrible voice acting. It takes away a lot from the game.


The game was obviously made in spanish originally as some visual clues are in spanish but the character reads them in english so it won’t bother you too much. The story is captivating, but only if you give it a chance to play out. The voice acting and sound could’ve been done a lot better but nothing is perfect. It’s quite a small download at ~100MB and you can get it and other point and click bundle for $7! That is definitely a steal. If you’re not sure if you want to get it or not, try it out for free, get the first episode from and give it a go. It is available on windows, iPad and iPhone, so mobility is not an issue!


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