Another World(Out of This World in US) is not a new game by any means, it is more than 20 years old, the guys at DotEmu and Eric Chahi released a 20th Anniversary Edition on steam on April 4th, 2013. And we just had to play it again. It is one of the classics but I was surprised that I had never played it. So getting a chance to review a game that has reborn after two decades was a chance I could not pass up on. The story and sheer joy you experience from this platformer is truly Out of This World.


You are a young professor by the name of Lester, you drive in your ferrari to your lab for another mundane night of research and experiments. But little do you know that this time, your experiment will take you to another planet, filled with mysteries, peril and adventure behind every door. Survive beasts, enemies and many others by fighting your way with a friend you meet along the way. It is a game that tells a tale without uttering a single word.


It is a straightforward platformer, you have to use your intellect, the environment and a gun to fight your way through the enemies. Jumping, rolling and pulling off some badass moves to defeat the enemies. It’s kill or be killed. Unlike other popular platformers, the game doesnt always let you fight the enemies head on, you must use their strengths against them, and if it comes to it – Run! Along the way you will find yourself fighting alongside a fellow survivor, but that’s as much as I will tell you. Rest is for you to find out.


Although a platformer, Another World is full of puzzles, if you know the answers the game takes less than an hour to complete, but if you try finishing it without guides(like i did) you’ll end up spending hours trying to get past one level. And when you finally do find the answer, you end up going “Oh man! It was that simple!” and trust me, I did that quite a lot.


The artwork of Another World is exquisite, the environment has a true sense of impending danger and it is a great throwback to a bygone era. Running, jumping, swimming and crawling through the game will take you through prisons, caves and many exciting places, rendered and absolutely beautiful 2D and 3D. The colours from bright skies to dark prisons, the depiction of the environment is what the game so special to me.



It is a rather quiet game, you may hear some sounds in the background during cutscenes but other than that and the sound of the lazers flying by you, you wont hear any background music so to speak. The only time you hear your character’s voice is when he grunts when jumping from a high place or when you die (which you do a lot).


It is a marvelous game, I got it yesterday and it kept me up most of the night. I wanted to make sure I played it without a walk through and after dying about a million times, I managed to finish it. Finishing it took me back to that sense of satisfaction and achievement I used to feel playing on my N64. Barring a few, not many games nowadays gives me the same sense of accomplishment. It felt nice to go back to a simpler time, where storytelling was the biggest feature of any game. Back to the golden age.

Another World is now available on steam for a very reasonable price of $10, it will run perfectly well in any system, it’s challenging and provides hours of frustration and fun, just like old times. It is available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android.


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