You’re definitely a professional surgeon after playing this.

Humour? Check. Bones and intestines? Check. Flimsy hand? Check.

The first thing you notice about this game that it’s funny without doubt. You operate on patients (one handed of course!) ranging from kidney, heart and brain transplants. Know nothing about surgery and the human anatomy? It’s fine! Just slice and drill away as best as you can and your gut feelings! What could possibly go wrong?

The game’s a straight laugh-out-loud QWOP-styled murder simulator. It’s great, but it’s lacking content, fairly short and left me wanting more. There are some serious clipping issues with it which I hope gets fixed. The brutal operations on the body or head is fun, but I wanted leg amputations and other horrors.

Completing the main operations (three to be exact) unlocks Ambulance mode, pitting you to operate in the back of a moving ambulance van. It’s the same procedures repeated, except this time your operating equipment and the random body parts start to rock around, and even flung out of the van. Playing this really tires my fingers for real. You’re controlling Nigel’s hand with both of yours, to be exact.You may cringe at the thought of the game’s nature, but I assure you: You’re going to hell for laughing while dropping random apparatus and scalpels into the patient’s body later. The visuals aren’t horrifying real, so don’t shy away from this.


Nope, don’t need it. 

Surgeon Simulator 2013 is utterly hilarious, but the clipping issues are a pain sometimes and the sheer fun left me wanting more.There are a ton of easter eggs to discover, yet this felt like a game that could deliver a bigger package with more gameplay elements added to make it even more ridiculous. It’s a worthy buy, just for the giggles alone.

You can also try the original experiment of the game free.

Gif Excerpt from a world-class surgery here: