Indie games nowadays are common, there are hundreds if not thousands of new games coming out every month, sometimes great gems go unnoticed, while “indie” games made by huge developers get recognition for being “original” and “groundbreaking”. Plazma Being is a genuine Indie game, created by a single man – Felix Wunderlich. Add to that the fact that this is his first game, it is very impressive. It is part of the Krazy Kinetic Bundle at


What would you do if you were kidnapped while surfing through the galaxy, put in a planet, confused, shaken(quite literally after the earth quake) and trying to find your way home, and find out why in god’s name you were kidnapped in the first place, and by whom. That is what Zeb is going through.


A Pretty straighforward puzzle platformer, and Plazma Being does just that, and does it brilliantly. You don’t encounter too many enemies, but you encounter countless puzzles. Most of them are physics based, using gravity and so forth to your advantage. At the start of the game, after quite a long introduction you find out that you have an alternate “being”. You can turn blue by scrolling your mouse, this state lets you use a sort of telekinesis to move objects and you will be using this quite often as you solve puzzles laid throughout the game. As you play the game you unlock more beings, including my personal favourite, the red coloured spiderman type being that lets you jump and swing from one platform to another. The annoying thing about the game has to be the introductory story telling part, it wont let you do anything, I tried skipping it to no avail, and I had to watch the words being typed in and got restless, I hate it when I don’t get a chance to skip cutscenes or atleast make them appear faster, a small pet peeve of mine. After the game started however I just didn’t bother looking at it and just focused my attention on the puzzle at hand.



Being a puzzle platformer the focus is on solving puzzles using special abilities that Zeb has. It’s not the type of puzzle platformer that makes you pull your hair out, not that its easy, it’s just got a more casual feel to it. Let me put it this way, if the classic ‘Another World’ is being chased by Zombies who want to eat your brain, Plazma Being is like being chased by angry villagers. You may still end up dying, but atleast they’ll leave your brain alone. As you can see I am quite the magician with metaphors. Seriously! I’m not kidding! Moving on.


Zeb may be in fear for his life, afterall he just got kidnapped by aliens, but that doesn’t stop you from taking a moment and enjoying the work that has been done in the game, the backgrounds are beautifully rendered with Zeb being a very vibrant character, the change of colour and size with the transformations into other “beings” is smooth and looks brilliant every time.


There’s a nice ambient music playing on the background on occasion, though, most of the time its just a sound of a wind blowing through a deserted plain that will be gracing your ears. Then there is the odd beep that comes out about whenever you do a jump or use a power, but this isn’t a game that is focused on the sound aspect.


There are a lot of little annoyances in the game, being trapped under a box when you’re barely near it, the introduction doesn’t let you skip it or do anything while its being ‘typed’ into the screen and add to the fact that puzzle platformers are quite the congested genre you may not find the time to play this game. But you’d be losing out. There is something so lovable about Zeb, not because you know his backstory, because you don’t, not because of his charming words, because he doesn’t speak but because this game invokes the same sense of childish accomplishment and joy that came with a bygone era of games. Sure it may not be trying to be retro with ultraviolet lasers and cheesy dialogues for the sake of being retro, but the sheer pleasure you get from it, I haven’t felt like that about many modern games, 80’s themed games included(while they are fun, it’s not the same kind of fun as the good old days). You can pick up the bundle at a very reasonable $5 at and help them get that coveted greenlight here Got any questions, or maybe you just want to say hi? then drop me a line at or hit me up on twitter @DualShockGam3r