This War of Mine Review

Before I get started, I would like to say that I do not want you to judge me for some of the things I may have done to survive in This War of Mine. I had good intentions, but people had to get hurt for my people to survive. I’m sorry, okay?! This War of Mine is a 2D survival management game from the developers over at 11 bit studios. It puts you, the player, in control of multiple survivors as they try and survive through the war and destruction of their country. You are not playing as a…
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A Look Back At: The Darkness II Review

I often look back at games I played a couple of years ago and had a blast with and wonder if I played it again, would I still have the same amount of fun? I played The Darkness II a couple of days after it came out, I remember renting it from Love Film and binge played it all day without even taking a break (Yeah, I know – I didn’t listen to those ‘take a break’ warnings, but neither do you!) I mailed the game back to Love Film the same day I received it, completed, of course.…
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Life Is Strange: Episode 1 Review

This is a review only on Episode 1 of Life Is Strange. I will be doing a review of each episode, so although I may recommend this episode, it does not mean I recommend the game as a whole (and vice versa) My review of the final episode will finish with a conclusion of what I thought of the game in it’s entirety. I went into Life Is Strange without much knowledge on what the game was even about, which although is a risky move when making a purchase, I find it can sometimes make a game more…
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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Review

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter was a video game that just popped out of nowhere for me, I hadn’t really read anything about it up to it’s release, or much after. It was only when I saw that one of my favourite Youtubers, Sips_ , uploaded a play-through of it that I decided to check it out. I quickly saw that it was a story driven game that I would not want to ruin my watching a video, so I didn’t. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter was developed and published by an unknown developed called The Astronauts, but this…
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review

What is more fun than shooting people in the face with a Desert Eagle pistol? That’s right; you guessed it – shooting ‘terrorists’ in the face with a Desert Eagle.  There is something about pretending to save the world from a bunch of men armed with AK-47’s, screaming words that I do not understand, that will never get old in the land of Counter-Strike. Having played Counter-Strike from the early days, moving onto the updated Counter-Strike Source, and now the even latest Global Offensive. The game is so realistic you can actually see the fear in the terrorists eyes…
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Bird Assassin Review

Birds have always been a threat in the entertainment society, from the renowned movie Birds to the profitable game Angry Birds: it was only a matter of time until we needed an assassin to take these fowl-hating creatures out. Social Loner Studios, the developer involved in the RPG game Sacrifice, have created what can only be called a hillbilly bird bloodbath of epic proportions appropriately named, Bird Assassin. Bird Assassin starts you off witnessing the death of your pa at the mercy of a gun-wielding bird. It is then that the ghost of your father implores you to take…
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Along Came A Spider Review

Along Came a Spider, (not the movie with Morgan Freeman) from the developers of Wobbly Tooth Games, brings us a web-hopping puzzle platform game complete with 20 challenging and dynamic levels, a humorous boss battles, and several bonus flies to collect along the way. Even with my intense fear of spiders, there is very little for me to say that is bad about Along Came a Spider. You are a spider. That is really the only story that is provided, so the developers decided to take the easy route and take us straight to the fun. Right away from…
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The Horror at MS Aurora Review

A vast and inviting stretch of aquamarine water unfolds in front of the camera. It is accompanied by the caws of gulls and the subtle build of a grand orchestra – the Belarus Philharmonic Orchestra to be precise. It is a stirring mix of instruments and the elements; so much so that I can forgive the occasional screen tearing that mars the opening piece of panorama. We are shown an expansive freight liner stacked high with containers before the title card declares that you have begun your journey and stands as a cinematic high note and strong introduction to…
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The Grave Digger Review

  The joy of indie games and the flourishing genre therein is the vast complexity of the forms they take. Be it minimalist perspective warping platform games, to the cavalcade of jump scare horror experiences; the universal guarantee with indie development is the games will embody and fully realise the creative vision regardless of its perceived quality. This is something that cannot be said for the mammoth of AAA titles, where pressure from publishers and other outside sources often compromise the purity of that artistic vision. This affords and almost mandates smaller development teams with significantly smaller budgets and…
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We Talk To Beautifun Games, the creators of Nihilumbra

Being a journalist can be a chore. There are times when you just cant get yourself to write anything, let alone an article. But during those moments, something will come along that will make you excited. It will make you want to write again. Nihilumbra was that game. Nihilumbra isn’t a game where you will win, its not a game where you can beat the bad guy. It puts the player in one of the hardest places by asking the player to run from the void. The void you were born from. The void that will inevitably be one.…
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Into The Dark Review – Literally, You Will Struggle To See

  Halloween has just passed us and to celebrate I wanted to play some horror games, a genre I’m not usually too keen on as it tends terrifies the life out of me. After playing the obvious horror titles such as Amnesia: The Dark Decent, I found myself craving more indie horror games. I looked into my email inbox and found an email from asking me to take a look at their new Horror Bundle –  I decided to pick one of the games at random, which happened to be ‘Into the Dark’ by the team over…
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Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 Gameplay

I managed to get some free time to play some of the new Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2. Following is the results.   More will be added as they are recorded.   Be sure to pick up the game Dan Etheridge Writer | Gamer | Gummi Bear Eater.
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Mars: War Logs Review

Mars: War Logs is an indie third-person RPG developed by Spiders. It takes place on Mars, where several different factions fight for water, two of the most notable being Aurora and Abundance. While at first the game feels clunky and ugly, I found it charming, exciting, and was ultimately happy to have played it. The game starts out with a boy named Innocence arriving at a prisoner-of-war camp. He’s told to go to the “sand pit,” which is basically a room filled with sand showers. There, he meets Roy, who defends him from the local bully, Fatso. I was…
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Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 Preview

They’re back. You’re back. Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 Preview   The original experimental NZA was released earlier this year in February, exclusively on Steam as a standalone content. Utilizing Sniper Elite V2’s engine famous pin-point X-Ray killcam, the human-sniping simulator gets a whole horror makeover splashed with blood, gore and occult stuff. Add creepy little girl voices fused with a Carpenter-inspired soundtrack and lone radio tunes playing in a safehouse checkpoint. Throw that into the mix with 3 of your pals running point-to-point firing away at the Third Reich undead with WWII arsenal, you get Nazi Zombie Army.…
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Super Serious Open World Game – Saints Row IV Review

What if I told you that Saints Row IV is one of the best open world games out there? I am here to tell you why you should pick up this title. Don’t expect a semi-serious story that you get from the GTA games (this series will be brought up a lot). The Saints Row series stopped being sincere after the original. Aliens have attacked earth, and it’s up to you and the Saints to stop them. The writing here is top notch and jokes work well. It’s no where near as fun as the last iteration, but the…
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Help Get It funded: Beyond Eyes

  Beyond eyes tells the story of Rae, a girl who lost her eyesight in an fireworks accident when she was a toddler. The event left her traumatized to the point that she is too scared to leave the house by herself. Instead she spends her time tending her precious garden and playing with a fat cat she named Nani. When Nani goes missing Rae gathers all her courage and decides to leave the safety of home in search for the cat. Although frightened at first she starts to explore and experience the world around, revealing their purpose and…
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