4 Things Microsoft could do to outshine Sony’s PS4

It’s an arms race, and Microsoft is on the defensive.

A couple of days have passed since Sony came out with the Russian roulette they called the PlayStation Conference 2013, and boy did it pay off, people are already writing off XBOX, and they haven’t even seen what its capable off, no one has(except for Microsoft guys, DUH!)

I don’t own an XBOX, I’ve never been a fan of XBOX, I just never got into it, but that being said, I have nothing but respect for the console, sure it may be a bit behind, but the fact is that it still sells, that can’t be for nothing. And this got me thinking, what could Microsoft do to get ahead of Sony, and I am not talking about the obvious stuff like better graphics or memory.


1) Show the Console:

It’s pretty simple, when you reveal a console you SHOW it! At the very least show a prototype, not only is it good business sense, it’s also good common sense, one which Sony quite ignorantly overlooked.


2) Reveal the price:

Another mistake from Sony, well done! What does a person (a normal person) do when they go to the store? They look at the price, and considering how people save up for gaming consoles, it might be a good idea to let them know how many organs they need to sell.


3) Don’t rely too much on cloud: Sure cloud is the future, but considering Microsoft needs to release it this year, give the guy who has trouble with his connection a chance to enjoy the games as well. I’ve heard rumours that internet is going to be a requirement for XBOX 720, and for their sake, I hope it’s not true.


4) Start a Used Game Shop on XBL: I’ve heard many rumours that used games won’t work with the new XBOX, this would definitely be the dumbest thing they could do. I would embrace the used games section. Want to know how I’d do it? Read on.

 It’s a simple idea, won’t take much effort to implement and will be quite easy to manage, not only that, it will drive customers to your console.

You let your users create eBay type listings, and let other buyers buy games from such sellers, you take a cut. And put a ground rule that only games that are digital copies and ones that are 6 months or a year old (pick one) will be allowed on there. You not only gain profit from used games (something Sony won’t be able to do), you will also be able to provide a huge market for gamers buyers and sellers alike, you increase the games life span and you keep earning more and more as it switches hands, imagine how much a single copy can earn you if you were charging $5 per transaction and if it went through 5 people, that’s $25 for doing nothing, and since they are digital copies, no issues of damaged games and since they will be old, no problems with retailers or developers, they get their profit, you get yours, everyone is happy!



What do you guys think? Are these suggestions any good? Tell us in the comments!


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  1. George 'Kirito' Ogle says:

    I don’t really feel like the form factor of the console is really relevant at this point. I mean, it’s just going to be a rectangular shaped box that sits under, next to, or on a shelf near our TV’s. Hardware and Software are what both Sony and Microsoft should be focusing on, so I feel Sony did good in that respect. Although it would be good to know the price, I don’t think that’s necessarily something that should be shown on first reveal considering not everything has been finalized yet, the price wouldn’t be accurate. I agree with you on the cloud front though, I don’t think the ‘cloud’ should be used in gaming at all if I’m honest, I’d rather that stay as a feature I use to transfer work documents from one place to another. Not play games very poorly over an average internet connection! And the whole used game shop thing, despite being a good idea, would still destroy the physical game market as well as all the stores that sell used games such as GAME, CeX, Gamestop etc. Which I don’t like the sound of at all. If everything becomes digital I’ll probably be an ‘old school’ nut sticking with my good old physical game discs, I hate digital to the point where I refuse to buy games digitally unless there’s no other option.

    This is just my opinion. Good article and it’s nice to hear some points from other gamers that aren’t just “OMG I need this nowwwzz!”.

    • gvindyb says:

      Thanks for the comment!

      Haha I know what you mean, I just think though that it would be nice to have an actual reveal at the reveal, but most of all i think if Microsoft manages to show the console, it will be a very cheeky shot at Sony, and I am sure the media would love them for it.

      Can’t argue with what you said about cloud, but sadly it is the future, i just wish Microsoft gives the average Joe who doesn’t have the big bucks to spend on high speed internet every month to enjoy their games.

      Shop would destroy the physical game market, but it provides a chance for people who live where games are either overpriced in their physical form or can’t get their hands on the disc unless its brand new. For example I spent ages looking for an Uncharted dual pack, and i had to finally get it shipped internationally. which cost me quite a lot, and then theres a delay and so on and so forth, the digital shop would avoid both of those problems, but like you said the physical disc sales might suffer, but at the end i think companies prefer to have digital sales as it is more cost effective(assumption).

      But in a way I am like you, i still prefer to think of my discs as a collection, like the old vinyl records. Someday hopefully i’ll be able to boast quite a big collection.

      Cheers and happy you liked the article! Definitely means a lot to a writer :)

  2. Nick says:

    Revealing the price now is the worst possible thing they could do. I have no idea why you think this was a mistake on Sony’s part. If they reveal the price, there are two consequences:

    1. Whatever price they choose, this lets Microsoft make whatever changes (if any) are needed to announce the new Xbox price being $50 cheaper. Waiting forces Microsoft to potentially play their hand first.

    2. When the price is announced early, people can think about it for longer… “Do I really need that $500 console, or should I pay off my credit card instead?” When you have a highly desireable item, the ideal would be to announce the price as late as possible so that people don’t have time to do the prudent thing andpay off their debts, or just keep using their PS3 for a while longer until the PS4 price is inevitably dropped.

    • gvindyb says:

      Cheers for the comment!

      While I see your point and trust me its quite valid, I think if Microsoft comes out with the product, reveals the console AND the price, it would be a great way to poke some fun at sony, and the media would love it. People expected to hear about the price, or see the console(yes it doesn’t mean much but its all about giving people what they want) and sony slightly slipped there if you ask me.

      As for psychology of buyers, its can also be argued that announcing the price would make it more attainable, people will be able to save up for it. People who are willing to wait for a price drop will wait regardless, imo. It’s in their nature, they can’t help it. I am one of those people.

  3. hughesresearch says:

    I am someone who, currently does not have my 360 hooked to the internet. I’m not a fan of online gaming to begin with. I prefer to immerse myself into a world without other users influence, also I have not yet come across a game that lets you just screw around while online that I like. If the new xbox requires an internet connection and the ps4 doesn’t, i would def be buying the ps4. I own a 360 due to cost alone. It’s hands down cheaper new, used and accessory wise than sony’s products ever will. But, I love the ps3 and grew up using sony systems. I will more than likely be buying whichever console is cheaper that shows the lead, such as i wouldn’t have ever bought a dreamcast. Oh and look of console- ? wtf, consoles should be non-existent in the future. Microsoft should make a tv with a windows os that with a flash drive or equal structure, can plug and play into a reactive display incorporating the tv and use the side peripheral views for hud displays.

    • gvindyb says:

      Thanks for the comment!

      Very well put! While consoles might be non-existent in the future, and trust me that’s where we’re heading with cloud computing, i think would be nice to show the product when you reveal it, call me old fashioned. :)

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