Chance to win Bioshock 1, 2 AND the upcoming 3rd ‘Infinite’

Here is your chance to win the following;

That’s right, all 3 Bioshock games (PC only)

123For your chance to win these great games, comment below what game you are looking forward to this year the most!. Winner will be picked at random!

Remember to post some details so I can contact you with the winnings. (twitter, email, facebook)


Comment below what game you are most looking forward to in 2013 to be entered into the draw.

10 comments+ : Bioshock 1 will be given to the winner.

25+ comments: Bioshock 1 and 2 will be given to the winner. 

 50+ comments: Biochock 1, 2 and 3 will be given to the winner.

Codes will be send and need to be used via Steam.  Bioshock Infinte will be unlocked on release date, code can be added to your steam account before the release date. Winners we be selected next week.





And the winner is ‘Tyler Formosa‘  Well done!

Thanks for playing everybody!

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  1. Ced Abalos says:

    BIoshock Infinite. Been waiting for that since they first announced it. Bummed they had to delayed twice but still my hype on this game hasn’t falter ever since.

  2. Ron Roy says:

    Bioshock Infinite seems awesome : D
    Saw it on the E3 Live Stream ^^

  3. the_dan says:

    Bioshock is a decent enough serie to try …

  4. 1Mrlittleman says:

    I’ll take them off your hands

  5. A Parker says:

    For the current gen, toss up between bioshock infinite and Last of us… then there’s the whole next gen consoles to be excited about (probably wont’ buy one this year) but interesting to see how it shakes up the industry. Thanks!

  6. Mikey Fearn says:

    The only game i’ve been waiting for is bioshock infinite. Was pumped for crysis 3, but only to see how well a 7970 would cope with it.

  7. Sukhdev says:

    Can’t wait for Bioshock Infinite ^^

  8. Bioshock infinite~!
    No questions asked~ XD

  9. SirMD says:

    Infinite of course heh

  10. Nithin Jayaprakash says:

    Crysis 3……….Would Realllly Like To Get my hands on that 😀

  11. Sukhdev says:

    Wouldn’t mind to get my hands on either of the Bioshock games… Good job on the giveaway :)

  12. “Bioshock infinite” and “the last of us” although i dont own a PS3 :<

  13. stephen pocknall says:

    Got to be saints row 4 I mean you get to be president and have superpowers. Imagine Obama with the ability to fly he would be cruising through the air looking cooler than ice 😀

  14. George 'Kirito' Ogle says:

    Gotta be Pokémon X and Y, just childhood re-imagined in full 3D I can’t wait!

  15. Kenjie Corpuz says:

    Killzone: Mercenary

    Well that is aside from Soul Sacrifice. Although I have more games to look forward to, these 2 games are what I am waiting for this whole year. :)

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