Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 Preview

They’re back. You’re back.¬†Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 Preview


The original experimental NZA was released earlier this year in February, exclusively on Steam as a standalone content. Utilizing Sniper Elite V2’s engine famous pin-point X-Ray killcam, the human-sniping simulator gets a whole horror makeover splashed with blood, gore and occult stuff. Add creepy little girl voices fused with a Carpenter-inspired soundtrack and lone radio tunes playing in a safehouse checkpoint. Throw that into the mix with 3 of your pals running point-to-point firing away at the Third Reich undead with WWII arsenal, you get Nazi Zombie Army.

The sequel announces itself today with a teaser, which frankly doesn’t show much of the game, instead teasing environments similar to the first. Even bloodier and gory, I’m sure.


nazi zombie army 2 preview

nazi zombie army 2 preview

nazi zombie army 2 preview

nazi zombie army 2 preview

nazi zombie army 2 preview

Very little is known about Nazi Zombie Army 2 so far and judging from the teaser and screenshots, it looks like more of the same stuff we’ve gone through in the first, but Rebellion promises a more nightmarish and crazy twist this time round. More nerve-wrecking, not very pleasant-looking dead Nazis shambling towards your way, and even creepier levels that will ‘put your back to the wall’.

Will there be a Big-Daddy-type Hitler zombie? Wonder weapons? Expect a review from the team on this co-op game. You can preorder the game now on Steam (and Rebellion’s own web-store), and it releases on 31st October. Guess it’s back to Berlin then.

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  1. The first one was very fun to play. I like all the fog, with the hoard of zombies walking through it towards you – reminds me of a scene from Return Of The Living Dead.

  2. Michael says:

    The first was a very surprisingly fun game. I don’t usually like the sniper games… but yeah, definitely keeping an eye out for this one!

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