How the Pokemon Series Can “Evolve”

Is Pokemon X and Y super effective at making significant changes? Pokemon X and Y makes the most stride…
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Out This Week: New Releases (July 21st – 17th)

Govind will no longer be doing the ‘Out This Week’ series, this is very unfortunate as I enjoyed reading…
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Out This Week: New Releases (July 14th – 20th)

The steam summer sale is on full swing but that doesn’t mean we should forget about the new games(except…
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Out This Week: New Releases (June 23rd – 29th)

I turn 23 this week but I am more excited about the games coming out this week than I…
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Out This Week: New Releases (9th – 15th June)

We’re into the most important week of June as far as I am concerned with The Last of Us…
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Project X Zone Demo Impressions

Project X Zone is a bizarre Japanese mash up of some of the most well known, as well as…
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Out This Week: New Releases (26th May – 1st June)

Last week Dan had to take over the OutThisWeek edition as I didn’t get any time in front of…
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Out This Week: New Releases (12th – 18th May)

After a very slow week we’re right back on track with a lot of releases coming across all platforms.…
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Inside The Mind Of An Indie Developer:Team Pesky

Next on our list we are joined by Andy from Team Pesky who will be discussing ‘Little Acorns’, available on; IOS…
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Out This Week: New Releases (21st – 27th April)

It’s a big week for gaming. We’ve got the much awaited Dead Island Riptide coming out, Deep Silver has…
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Strategy and Love – Fire Emblem: Awakening Review

While most gamers know the Fire Emblem series from Roy and Marth’s appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee, the…
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Out This Week: New Releases (14th – 20th April)

Well well well, you would think that I would have a witty introduction ready considering I had a whole…
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Out This Week: New Releases (April 7th – 13th)

A pretty cool week of gaming awaits us this time around with something for everyone. It was kinda hard…
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Out This Week: New Releases (31st March – 6th April)

First of all! Happy Easter everybody! It’s the April Fool’s week, but don’t worry we’re not going to mess…
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Out This Week: New Releases (24th March – 30th March)

What an amazing week we’ve got coming, if you’re a gamer then there is atleast one game coming out…
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Achievements, Trophies – What Have They Done To Us?!

Achievements, Trophies – Obsession or not? I look back to the times before we had achievements and trophies (For…
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