Vampires! Review

The first gaming console I ever owned was a Sega Master System II. I loved it. I used to…
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Get it funded: Mafia, the Party Game

Apparently there is a game that people play at parties called Mafia (it’s also known as Werewolf, or so…
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Get it funded: Dwarf Quest 2

A little while back, we reviewed a delightful dungeon crawler called Dwarf Quest, by Netherlands-based developer, Wild Card. The…
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Out This Week: New Releases (July 21st – 17th)

Govind will no longer be doing the ‘Out This Week’ series, this is very unfortunate as I enjoyed reading…
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Zombies. Review – Apparently the undead hate photocopiers too!

So I’ve just started a desk job. It’s the first time I’ve ever worked in an office and I…
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‘Past Memories’ Coming Soon.

Past Memories is Give me Five’s latest project, a game from the runner genre for iPhone and Android, with…
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Dwarf Quest Review – A fun, short-lived dungeon crawler

I won’t lie – I’m a huge fan of games set in the standardised fantasy worlds. I’ve lost countless…
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We take a look at Moebius: Jane Jensen’s Newest Entry

If you are familiar with the adventure genre, you have definitely played one of Jane Jensen’s games, her games…
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Inside The Mind Of An Indie Developer: Lucky Red Fish

Ordinary Gamer are proud to present a look inside the mind of an indie developer. This series is a…
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Review: We travel to Another World

Another World(Out of This World in US) is not a new game by any means, it is more than…
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The Journey Down Review (It’s awesome.)

  The Journey Down is a bizarre game, in a good way. You play as Bwana, a character of…
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Reversion: The Meeting, A Review

Reversion: The Meeting, is the 2nd chapter on an episodic point and click adventure game by 3F Interactive. It…
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Castle Dracula Review

  Castle Dracula is a point and click  indie game created by the folks at Gondfire Productions Inc  Although…
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Achievements, Trophies – What Have They Done To Us?!

Achievements, Trophies – Obsession or not? I look back to the times before we had achievements and trophies (For…
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Ultimate Word Search 2 Review

Great for killing time. Ultimate Word Search 2 is fully 3D, and has a nice background atmosphere to it;…
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Dan’s Back-log

We all have a back-log. Some may be bigger than others.   These are games we have yet to…
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