Vampires! Review

The first gaming console I ever owned was a Sega Master System II. I loved it. I used to leave the thing turned on for days at a time with a game paused so that I could play it after school without having to restart my games (for those of you too young to realise – games back then didn’t have save points). One of the games that chewed up countless hours of my childhood was Lemmings. That crazy platforming puzzle game has come back at me on PS3, PSP and PC, and every time – it’s awesome. So…
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Get it funded: Mafia, the Party Game

Apparently there is a game that people play at parties called Mafia (it’s also known as Werewolf, or so wiki tells me). I’ve never played it… but reading up on it, it sounds fun. Either way, I don’t really attend too many parties, being an introvert who hates people and social gatherings and all. But hey, it looks like I might not need to anymore, seeing as Advanced Studios are setting out to make a mobile game that let’s you play it online against strangers! For the uninitiated… this is how I understand Mafia to play out in an…
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Get it funded: Dwarf Quest 2

A little while back, we reviewed a delightful dungeon crawler called Dwarf Quest, by Netherlands-based developer, Wild Card. The game was a lot of fun and had a very charming atmosphere surrounding it. So I was pleasantly surprised to find an email from Dylan Nagel, the head of Wild Card, informing me development had officially kicked-off with the sequel, aptly titled Dwarf Quest 2. Dwarf Quest 2 promises to improve on the original games’ most often complaint – it’s length. It seems that, whilst the first game was intended to be targeted towards the “iPad generation”, and supply a…
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Out This Week: New Releases (July 21st – 17th)

Govind will no longer be doing the ‘Out This Week’ series, this is very unfortunate as I enjoyed reading them each Sunday. I hope that everybody will enjoy my version just as much! This week we have a high number of game releases, some I am looking forward to, some I already have and some I have never heard of them.   Mario and Luigi Dream Team  (3DS) 11th August 2013 As a new owner of a 3DS this is a game I will be looking to buy, just as soon as the price drops. Despite loving my 3DS,…
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Zombies. Review – Apparently the undead hate photocopiers too!

So I’ve just started a desk job. It’s the first time I’ve ever worked in an office and I had very little idea of what to expect, aside from movies like Office Space (which, unfortunately, is not an accurate representation). Overall, I have found the entire experience thus far to be quite tedious and droney… And it seems that indie developer, thebignic, noticed this at some point also as this is the setting, and indeed the entire premise, for Zombies. Basically… you are some guy who finds himself at work when all of a sudden the mindless zombies…
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‘Past Memories’ Coming Soon.

Past Memories is Give me Five’s latest project, a game from the runner genre for iPhone and Android, with silhouette visuals. It will be available in the App Store and Google Play for only US$ 0.99! The game tells the story of a woman going through different important memories of her life, which are distorted and full of enemies and obstacles to be faced. The character must try to survive the nightmares of her oppressive past. She can’t fight her enemies, just run away. But, with the help of resources such as the change of dimensions and items, she…
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Dwarf Quest Review – A fun, short-lived dungeon crawler

I won’t lie – I’m a huge fan of games set in the standardised fantasy worlds. I’ve lost countless hours of my life crawling through dungeons to slay orcs, trolls, and all sorts of beast in the quest for nothing more than better gear and stacks of gold. So when I was offered to review a game with the title Dwarf Quest, I accepted without question. What I found was a delightful, albeit it challenging, turn-based dungeon-crawler that reminded me of old-school roguelike games, but certainly had some shortcomings. That’s the short story… read on for the long.  …
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We take a look at Moebius: Jane Jensen’s Newest Entry

If you are familiar with the adventure genre, you have definitely played one of Jane Jensen’s games, her games tell capturing stories and have enthralled the minds of gamers worldwide ever since Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers came out nearly two decades ago in December 1993. To put things in perspective, I was 3 years old.   Moebius, Jane Jensen’s newest game, is one that’s still in development. The mail I received, repeatedly requested me to not judge the game based on this, because it’s an early build, that it has bugs, visuals are still not finished, so…
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Inside The Mind Of An Indie Developer: Lucky Red Fish

Ordinary Gamer are proud to present a look inside the mind of an indie developer. This series is a number of interviews we have completed with a number of indie game developers to try and get an idea about what they have to go though to make these games that we all love and play – love to play. Many of these indie developers are working by themselves, doing everything. Art, coding, music – you name it, they did it. In this day and age we take for granted all the hard work that goes into developing games, we…
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Review: We travel to Another World

Another World(Out of This World in US) is not a new game by any means, it is more than 20 years old, the guys at DotEmu and Eric Chahi released a 20th Anniversary Edition on steam on April 4th, 2013. And we just had to play it again. It is one of the classics but I was surprised that I had never played it. So getting a chance to review a game that has reborn after two decades was a chance I could not pass up on. The story and sheer joy you experience from this platformer is truly…
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The Journey Down Review (It’s awesome.)

  The Journey Down is a bizarre game, in a good way. You play as Bwana, a character of South African origin who runs his father’s business of filling up oil along with Kito. Until he is unceremoniously pulled into a chase with an unknown mob, thanks to a customer, Lina. Together, they set off for the mysterious Underland, pretty much like Skull Island of King Kong, one would imagine. Graphics The visuals definitely pulled me back to the good-old adventure games of the late 90s, complete with FMV cutscenes and the character artstyles reminiscent of the legendary Grim…
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Reversion: The Meeting, A Review

Reversion: The Meeting, is the 2nd chapter on an episodic point and click adventure game by 3F Interactive. It is part of an Indiebundle at a great price of  $7 (or $5 if you want the 3 game bundle, which is one less game). I’ve always liked point and click games so it was fun to play around with this one. The basic premise of the game is that you’ve lost your memory, in a place that has been damned by conflict, who can you trust? Story The story is the crux of the game, the one part that makes you…
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Castle Dracula Review

  Castle Dracula is a point and click  indie game created by the folks at Gondfire Productions Inc  Although on their website I cannot seem to find where to purchase the game, but it can be purchased in a bundle with 3 other games from Indiebundle at a great price of  $7 (or $5 if you want the 3 game bundle, which is one less game). This game is being reviewed on PC, but mobile versions are also available from the app store.   Story Point and click games always need a good story, this is where they need to…
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Achievements, Trophies – What Have They Done To Us?!

Achievements, Trophies – Obsession or not? I look back to the times before we had achievements and trophies (For the rest of the article I will just called them ‘points’) and I see gamers playing for fun. There was nothing making them play a certain game except for the love of playing. Playing Goldeneye 24/7 with your friends because you wanted to, nothing to gain but fun. Now take a look at present time, all the games we play have ‘unlockables’ to try and get ‘points’. You will have to complete a certain task such as ‘Complete the game on Hard –…
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Ultimate Word Search 2 Review

Great for killing time. Ultimate Word Search 2 is fully 3D, and has a nice background atmosphere to it; however certain levels are sluggish to play due to the game’s resource usage.   You search for words on the cube which is fully rotatable, but you spend more time flipping the cube to your desired orientation, and may lead to frustration should you tap the wrong letter or rotate the entire cube. There are no rewards to speak off, other than proceeding to the next level. There’s high scores and level selection similar to Angry Birds. Note that a…
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Dan’s Back-log

We all have a back-log. Some may be bigger than others.   These are games we have yet to complete, they are just sitting there waiting to be played. My backlog is the top shelf;   I have a problem with just playing a few games at the time, I never do it – I always play a bit of everything, which is why my backlog just build and builds and builds.   I have decided to change how I am doing things, from now on I will be sticking to only a few games. For the first part…
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