A Look Back At: The Darkness II Review

I often look back at games I played a couple of years ago and had a blast with and wonder if I played it again, would I still have the same amount of fun? I played The Darkness II a couple of days after it came out, I remember renting it from Love Film and binge played it all day without even taking a break (Yeah, I know – I didn’t listen to those ‘take a break’ warnings, but neither do you!) I mailed the game back to Love Film the same day I received it, completed, of course.…
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Mars: War Logs Review

Mars: War Logs is an indie third-person RPG developed by Spiders. It takes place on Mars, where several different factions fight for water, two of the most notable being Aurora and Abundance. While at first the game feels clunky and ugly, I found it charming, exciting, and was ultimately happy to have played it. The game starts out with a boy named Innocence arriving at a prisoner-of-war camp. He’s told to go to the “sand pit,” which is basically a room filled with sand showers. There, he meets Roy, who defends him from the local bully, Fatso. I was…
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Retrospective Horror – Silent Hill

I don’t think I’ve ever spent as much time reading and researching a video game series as I have with Silent Hill. The fiction and world that is presented is unlike any game series out there. I played my first Silent Hill game last year(SH2) and I was amazed on how much I enjoyed such a niche game. The experience of Silent Hill 2 made me think in ways that I had never thought before. I then became incredibly engrossed with the universe and dug the incredibly deep symbolism that the games contained. So I went back, and played…
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Super Serious Open World Game – Saints Row IV Review

What if I told you that Saints Row IV is one of the best open world games out there? I am here to tell you why you should pick up this title. Don’t expect a semi-serious story that you get from the GTA games (this series will be brought up a lot). The Saints Row series stopped being sincere after the original. Aliens have attacked earth, and it’s up to you and the Saints to stop them. The writing here is top notch and jokes work well. It’s no where near as fun as the last iteration, but the…
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Out This Week: New Releases (July 21st – 17th)

Govind will no longer be doing the ‘Out This Week’ series, this is very unfortunate as I enjoyed reading them each Sunday. I hope that everybody will enjoy my version just as much! This week we have a high number of game releases, some I am looking forward to, some I already have and some I have never heard of them.   Mario and Luigi Dream Team  (3DS) 11th August 2013 As a new owner of a 3DS this is a game I will be looking to buy, just as soon as the price drops. Despite loving my 3DS,…
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Bigger, Better, Bolder; PAYDAY 2 Hands-On (Beta keys giveaway!)

The original PAYDAY is a cult following among the fans, with OVERKILL’s dedication and time on the forums in tweaking the game for the better, we have a gem (no pun) of a developer. I know, because I am part of the fans out there that couldn’t stop playing it; the satisfaction of pulling off heists on higher difficulties, along with level and weapon upgrades. The Ordinary Gamer team had the privilege of getting an early access for the PAYDAY 2 beta. It stood out in so many ways, that it looks set to be THE textbook example of making…
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Out This Week: New Releases (July 21st – 27th)

Summer sale ends tomorrow, so watch out for any last minute deals, that’s not going to stop new games from entering the fray this week with a lot of titles heading into almost all the available platforms, quantity isn’t an issue, quality, well that’s another story altogether. The first thing that came to mind when I saw the trailer for this week’s ‘Pick of the week’ is Murder on the Orient Express, a mystery novel that was published way back in 1934. Written by Agatha Christie. Now I am no reader, but my mom being a teacher always tried(the…
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Out This Week: New Releases (July 14th – 20th)

The steam summer sale is on full swing but that doesn’t mean we should forget about the new games(except I almost did forget to write this article). This week brings a reasonable number of games the pick of the week for me is Shin Megami Tensei IV(NOT Persona), although I am not a fan of JRPGs, Persona is the exception, so I’m looking forward to seeing how SMT IV(not gonna bother writing the whole name out) plays. But the fact is, it’s coming out on the 3DS. I’ll have to bug Jake to do a review then.  Releases from…
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GTA V Gameplay Video

GTA V finally gets a gameplay video! I had to check twice to believe it but boy am I glad its here!   How long have you been waiting for this? Is GTA on your wishlists? So excited about this one, the visuals look amazing, can’t wait to see how ‘open’ the world is! You can contact Govind by email: or say hello via twitter @DualShockGam3r Govind
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Out This Week: New Releases (July 7th – 13th)

Another week has gone by, a rather quiet week as far as games and releases are concerned and this week apparently takes its cue from that one. There are some games coming out, but none that really caught my eye. If you are a college football fan you can be a happy puppy with NCAA Football 14, the first of the ’14 titles are out. Out of desperation more than admiration I’m picking it to be the Pick of The Week. I love NFL, but never played anything passed Madden NFL ’08, the last one that came out for…
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Naughty Dog can be very, very proud of The Last of Us. A…

  I’m one who gets very suspicious of games with 5/5s or overwhelmingly positive reviews. Nonetheless, I picked up a copy of The Last of Us and I got taken aback. I’m surprised at the superb quality production values that went into this game. It can deservedly call itself the game you buy a PS3 for.   The world is just gorgeous, with lush greens and rust coming out of buildings and woodwork, and the water and rain glossing the cracked roads. It can be perfectly compared side by side with I Am Legend (that Will Smith movie). Levels…
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Out This Week: New Releases (June 23rd – 29th)

I turn 23 this week but I am more excited about the games coming out this week than I am about my own birthday, there’s some perspective for you. But I can’t be blamed, it is a great week to be a gamer! You have DARK a vampire action RPG, Deadpool a bloody bloody game filled with ….that’s right BLOOD! and to top it of you have Spartacus Legends coming out, to give you a taste of a gladiators life. I will be getting all three as soon as possible there’s also Company of Heroes 2, the beta was…
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Remember Me Review – A culmination of pop cultures finest?

Here’s a list of games and movies. I, Robot. Deus Ex. Kingdom Hearts. The Matrix. God of War. Batman: Arkham Asylum. Bioshock. Star Wars. Sound like a good list? I thought so too. These are the franchises that I was constantly thinking of during my play through of Remember Me. It’s not like the game is just ripping them off though, it’s a good thing. The world feels like something Asimov or Philip K. Dick would create. The atmosphere and music feels like Star Wars. Some of the boss battles and arenas feel like they are out of Kingdom…
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Grid 2: A Midway Point Between Fun and Realism

I’ve been busy playing GRID 2 for a while now, the past couple of days I was determined to go as much as I can into the career mode to get a good grip on the game. GRID 2 hit stores a little over a week ago, and I got my copy within a couple of days, I had just bought my new laptop and I wanted to see if it could handle it, and it did(yay me!) I played a couple of races, then went on to other games. The thing about GRID 2 is that it is…
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Out This Week: New Releases (9th – 15th June)

We’re into the most important week of June as far as I am concerned with The Last of Us coming out on the 14th! Needless to say that The Last of Us is the pick of the week. But it is a bittersweet week as only three games are coming out. Now, I am not complaining, gives me some time to get some much needed backlog work done. Releases from 9th – 15th June Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS) 9th June, 2013 I’ve never played an Animal Crossing game, in fact I thought it was a new version of Frogger, except with new…
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Kiefer Sutherland Is Voicing Solid Snake In Metal Gear Solid 5

Konami announced today that Keifer Sutherland will be the Voice of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 5. The previous Phantom Pain trailers contained Sutherland’s voice which was speculated on. The game better take place within 24 hours and Snake needs to constantly say: “WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!” Jake
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