Destiny of Spirits Closed Beta Insight

Do you fancy yourself playing a Free-to-Play online RPG game? If yes, continue to read this article until the…
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Retrospective Horror – Silent Hill

I don’t think I’ve ever spent as much time reading and researching a video game series as I have…
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Out This Week: New Releases (July 21st – 27th)

Summer sale ends tomorrow, so watch out for any last minute deals, that’s not going to stop new games…
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Out This Week: New Releases (July 7th – 13th)

Another week has gone by, a rather quiet week as far as games and releases are concerned and this…
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Out This Week: New Releases (June 23rd – 29th)

I turn 23 this week but I am more excited about the games coming out this week than I…
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Out This Week: New Releases(June 16th – 22nd)

Another week is upon us! I can’t honestly say it’s an exciting week of games but it beats having…
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Out This Week: New Releases (2nd – 6th June)

Today I am quite the happy lad, I finally got my hands on a new laptop yesterday and spent…
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Out This Week: New Releases (28th April – 4th May)

I’m excited for this week, excited and jealous. Excited because FarCry3: Blood Dragon comes out, it’s got 8 hours…
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Out This Week: New Releases (April 7th – 13th)

A pretty cool week of gaming awaits us this time around with something for everyone. It was kinda hard…
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Luftrausers coming to PS3, Vita, PC, Mac and Linux

Retro themed dogfighting game Luftrausers (phew! spelled it right) is going to be coming out on the PS3, PS…
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Achievements, Trophies – What Have They Done To Us?!

Achievements, Trophies – Obsession or not? I look back to the times before we had achievements and trophies (For…
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Top 5 Games That Need To Be In HD

Weather you like it or not, HD remakes are here to stay. While some HD remakes like the Ocarina…
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Dan’s Back-log

We all have a back-log. Some may be bigger than others.   These are games we have yet to…
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WipEout 2048 Review

A Futuristic Anti-Gravity Racing Game That Can Be Fast. Maybe Too Fast. Introduction Before I start my review of…
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