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A Look Back At: The Darkness II Review

I often look back at games I played a couple of years ago and had a blast with and…
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Mars: War Logs Review

Mars: War Logs is an indie third-person RPG developed by Spiders. It takes place on Mars, where several different…
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Super Serious Open World Game – Saints Row IV Review

What if I told you that Saints Row IV is one of the best open world games out there?…
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State Of Decay Review

      In a world filled with Survival Horror games based around zombie apocalypses, it’s hard to distinguish…
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Out This Week: New Releases (July 21st – 17th)

Govind will no longer be doing the ‘Out This Week’ series, this is very unfortunate as I enjoyed reading…
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Bigger, Better, Bolder; PAYDAY 2 Hands-On (Beta keys giveaway!)

The original PAYDAY is a cult following among the fans, with OVERKILL’s dedication and time on the forums in…
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Out This Week: New Releases (July 21st – 27th)

Summer sale ends tomorrow, so watch out for any last minute deals, that’s not going to stop new games…
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Out This Week: New Releases (July 14th – 20th)

The steam summer sale is on full swing but that doesn’t mean we should forget about the new games(except…
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GTA V Gameplay Video

GTA V finally gets a gameplay video! I had to check twice to believe it but boy am I…
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Out This Week: New Releases (July 7th – 13th)

Another week has gone by, a rather quiet week as far as games and releases are concerned and this…
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Out This Week: New Releases (June 30th – July 6th)

Last week was a pretty good one for gamers, I had a hard time picking the pick of the…
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The Art Of Gears Of War Review

  To begin with I think it’s best to say that I have never reviewed an art book before,…
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Jake plays: The Walking Dead – Part 2 Jake
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Left 4 Dead Review

Will keep you entertained for hours. This is a game by Valve, on that piece of detail alone you…
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Halo 4 Majestic Map Pack

Brand new Halo 4 downloadable content set to be released on 25th February. The new maps will be Landfall, Monolith…
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Aliens: Colonial Marines Single Player Review

Still a decent shooter that is pulled down by the terrible AI.   You’ve probably read the terrible reviews…
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